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When Does Madden 24 Come Out

When Does Madden 24 Come Out
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Madden NFL 24 was released on August 18 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Like previous titles in the series, the game received mixed reviews from critics.

Game developers Updates:

We will be back all summer long with deep dive information on your favorite modes and more, so make sure to follow us on our social media channels below. Madden NFL 24 launches worldwide on August 18, 2023.

Is Madden 24 better than 23?

Madden NFL 24 brings improved graphics, including more realistic player models and updated visuals, offering a small step up from Madden NFL 23 . The game introduces new mechanics and animations, such as diverse tackle types and a momentum system, making movements feel weighted and realistic.

How do you do Superstar mode in Madden 24?

Create your Avatar and take them from mini-game challenges in the Combine to the NFL Draft and 99 OVR. Chart your path by making career choices through media appearances, team interactions, and partnerships. In The League, you'll receive real-time player grading for your plays and performance.

best offensive playbook madden 24

  • Green Bay Packers Playbook

    Now my number one playbook in the game is one of the most balanced as well. I think the run game is going to be very good this year and the Green Bay Packers playbook allows you to run the bowl as well as aired out if you so choose. It's got some classics in here like Trip Side End, which has been one of the most popular offensive formations in Madden for so many years. It also has the incredibly overpowered bunch side end formation with the infamous Play PA Boot over. But they've also added some new formations to it, like Bunch Strong Offset, which I think might be really popular on offense for a lot of pro players this year.

    And then of course if you do want to run the ball, they do have some I form sets here as well. I predict stretch and Power O being very good runs. And the first play we're going to cover in this playbook is out of trips tight end. It's the Play Pa Counter Go actually played one of the best Madden pros in the world yesterday, cleft the God this guy's literally won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Madden and he was abusing this play against me. I literally could not stop it. And it's especially effective when you have a mobile quarterback like Josh Allen for example. Now we do have to make a few hot routes here and I'm going to start by placing Stefon Diggs on an in route. I'm going to place my slot wide receiver here, Hardy on a flat route by selecting him and then hitting left trigger to place him on a flat.

    And basically what this is going to do, it's going to pull any underneath zone here towards the sideline, allowing Stefon Diggs to open up later in the play or basically creating a high low concept here between the crosser and the backside dig. And of course, for this crosser to get open, we're going to need a clear out streak from our tight end Dawson Knox, and we can keep the play action. And I love this, especially when our opponents are trying to send edge pressure. The play action will make them slough in our tackles will pick 'em up or our running back and we can easily roll out with our quarterback who obviously in this case is Josh Allen. You guys can see here, we can hit him on the Alright, Gabe Davis, you got to wake up, dude, what was that? You are wide open.

    Yeah, but as you guys can see, the whole point here again is to have a fast quarterback. It just kind of creates a lot more space for you to have an easy completion there. Now the next play I'm going to show you guys here is actually brand new to Madden at 24. It's in the Formation Bunch Strong Offset, which again is obviously brand new to the Packers playbook as well. And the play is Y Trail. This is so good against so many different coverages. Now I would prefer to run this play with my bunch, the short side of the field and this allows a lot of space for Stefan Diggs on that backside post route to get wide open. And I'll just show you guys here, especially against cover three, this skinny post route does an awesome job of getting underneath those deep thirds. We can easily click on as well cut back to the football, attack it at its highest point for an even easier completion.

    The one hot route I'd probably make here is actually putting Gabe Davis my outside wide receiver on the bunch side on a clear out streak. Again allowing more space for either this backside post to eventually get open or we can hit the corner route as well with an easy possession catch down the sideline. This play is also very good against man coverage and especially the Man blitz where I'll block my running back in a lot of cases here and we're going to have so many different options. Dawson Knox on the trailer route, Hardy on the corner route, or of course Stefon Diggs on the backside post. Let's just show you guys what it looks like here we have perfect blocking and look at Dawson Knox on the trail route. So many yards after catch that route kills man coverage. Now for my last play breakdown in this playbook, I do have to show some love to my under center guys who love to run the Football Strong Close allows you to do exactly that.

    You have the counter week, the off tackle, you have the end around the halfback dive, but of course those are pretty self-explanatory. Let's go over a passing play in Strong close and that play is Mesh post. It's so easy to run but highly effective against pretty much every type of coverage. We can actually just snap this play stock if we so choose. It's a great play under the two minute warning to again gain tempo and remove your opponent's ability to set up their defense as they want to because again, you're just quick snapping and you're not giving them the time to do so. If we do want to make some hot routes, we can certainly put Stefan Diggs on a slant route here, create kind of a post slant combo. We can also go ahead and motion out our running back using the Dpad to the solo wide receiver side, place him on a streak so it looks like this.

    Now we get an even better post slant combo, especially for zone versus man coverage. I wouldn't really recommend putting my running back out on a streak, but it's just personal preference. And right here, this post route is really the bread and butter of this play. It beats zone, it beats man. And then of course if your opponent tries to user it, we have the drags underneath.

  • New York Jets Offensive Playbook

    For our second recommended playbook. Let's hear it from none other than the greatest Madden player in the world. Dez des a 17 year old Madden Prodigy who won the Madden Bowl last year and over $350,000 in prize pool money.

    Yo, what up It's Dez here heard you need a playbook recommendation, so I'll recommend the New York Jets Offensive Playbook Heard it's got tied, offset tied end this year along as bunch tight end bunch tight doubles. So yeah, I heard it's great so give it a try.

    So I think it's pretty fair to say that Dez probably knows what he's talking about when he gives us an offensive playbook recommendation and obviously the Jets playbook is going to change this year with Aaron Rogers going over to the Jets. You still have these eye form formations that you can certainly tote the pill out of if you so choose. And honestly this playbook is actually pretty similar to the Packers playbook for obvious reasons. They have the bunch strong offset that I talked to you guys about earlier and then the bunch tight end as well. But the big difference here is the tight offset tight end, which was super popular in the Saints playbook last year. It's the offense that Des used to win over $350,000 but the only playbook that has this formation this year is the Jets playbook and that play right there, PA Seams is the stuff of nightmares easily the most overpowered play in the game last year.

    I have a feeling it's probably pretty decent this year as well. So PA Seams is going to be really good, especially against cover two, which was certainly a meta last year. Defensively it's hard to say what's going to be good this year, but I would highly recommend using a team that has a wide receiver or a team like the Chiefs that actually has Hot Route Master and you guys can see right here, hot Route Master gives you four additional hot routes for every single pass catcher on the field and we're going to need that because I'm actually going to put Richie James Jr here on the left hand side on a corner route. So now we have a little baby corner route and a super deep corner route going over the top of it. Alright, hopefully we get the blocking here so I can show you guys that if we have time, this deep corner route against cover two is so good.

    Oftentimes it is a touchdown but you can rack it there if you want to be conservative. Can conservative catch it down the sideline. Bald is scaling pretty quick too. It helps if you have a really fast receiver there and then if your opponent runs a defense like covered three for example to take away that super deep corner route, then all we have to do is hit the little baby one underneath. Again, conservative catch to keep both feet and bounds and I mean those two corner routes together are almost impossible to stop. Now the second play I'm going to recommend for you guys right here is if you've been playing Madden for a few years, if you haven't been living under a Rock pa boot over is one of the most infamous plays in Madden history. But if you are new to the game, let me go ahead and demonstrate how good this play can be this year once again, and this is going to be one of those plays where it's literally in the name boot over.

    We want to roll out of the pocket escape. Those contains get towards the sideline with our quarterback and either take off with him or hit one of these deep crossers down the sideline. So I'm actually going to put Travis Kelce here on a streak. I'm going to keep the play action but I'm going to hit right trigger towards the end of the animation to cancel it. And then right here we click on cut it off a little bit to avoid that deep blue against a covered three for example, an easy catch. Yeah, I super recommend using a fast quarterback this year. I mean just take off even if we don't want to make a read, we can easily turn that upfield for a big time gain with a quarterback again with decent legs. The last play recommendation I'm going to give you guys in the Jets playbook is out of doubles halfback week and the play is Shake Halfback corner sets like this that have great spacing but also have a running back on one side and a tight end on the other.

    I think are going to do a great job this year. It's going to give you a lot more options for protecting against the blitz and attacking zone coverages. Now the one adjustment I will make for this play is placing my slot wide receiver on a slant or a drag. So it looks like this. We basically create a high low concept over the middle of the field between our slant and our post route over top. Let's go ahead and run that one more time. I was a little bit too busy explaining not doing enough. Dotting right there in Juju Smith-Schuster. That route is going to be amazing against both man and zone. You guys can see right there it finds a really nice pocket in the middle of the field against match coverage. We'd have our running back scissor route and then of course if our opponent is not respecting the flats, this tight end wheel route deep down the sideline is going to do a great job of turning something or nothing into something that's the right way to say it.

  • Air Raid Offense

    Now the third and final playbook I'm going to recommend for you guys here is actually a brand new playbook to Madden 24 called the air raid Offense. This is also the only playbook in the game that has the cluster formation and this play zPo is actually really good. The only hot route I'm going to make on this play is putting my outside bunch wide receiver here on a streak. So if we are going against zone coverage, it will clear a lot of space for that corner route to get open. We also have one of the most unique routes in the game right here, a running back zig route. Now get span coverage, which I'm going against here. I don't anticipate it being that good from someone like Dobbins. However, if it's someone like Kristen McCaffrey who can actually run routes this route is going to be super good.

    So it really just depends on personnel but obviously against man here this corner route is going to fry those short corner routes are so good against man coverage. Now we are going against cover one here, so this might not be the best demonstration but this actually, no nevermind. It was a great demonstration because he actually gets underneath that deep middle third there. That SS post from O B J really good against band coverage as well. If that's defense you struggle against, you definitely might want to check out this gun cluster and this play. What is the play called again? It's called Zs Spot. I didn't want to give you guys misinformation, just double checking. Now the second play I'm going to recommend for you guys here is out of the formation gun double stack. Now the bread and butter of this formation are these little bubble screens.

    They have the smoke screens, they have the bubble screens, they have a few different runs here and then of course they have the Play four verticals, which is the play we're going to focus on before this to work. You're going to have to be willing to run the ball first and not just run the ball, but be willing to throw these screens as well to these receivers underneath. You guys can see here the defense doesn't do a fantastic job of reacting to it, especially if they don't pass commit. And if your opponent does pass commit, then all we have to do here is run. We actually have a read option. I made the wrong read there. We should have handed it off to Dobbins. Let's go ahead and run that one more time. You guys can see here this run is nasty if we make the right read once again.

    And then once you've made your opponent actually respect those smokescreens, respect your run game, whether it's actually with you, a running back or your quarterback. And that's finally when we're going to open up the field by running the play Four verticals, looking for this outside wheel route from our X receiver here against the cover two. And with a good and early enough pass lead, it's going to be a touchdown versus that specific defense almost every single time. And you're actually going to find your opponents and cover two a lot because that's the best defense for stopping these smokescreens on the outside. Cover three is not going to do a great job. And even if they do run cover three, these inside seams are wide open. If you have somebody with good hands, he's making that catch every time. Now the third and final play I'm going to show you guys from the air raid offense here is the drag under in the gun Bunch quads.

    And the thing that's really nice about this formation is that if your opponent loves to run match defense, which in my opinion is becoming increasingly more popular Madden, so cover four quarters, cover four palms, anything like that. For example, if you have four pass catchers on one side of the field, it basically cancels out match and their match defense just won't work. So obviously in this case, if they're crawling cover four quarters, it basically just turns to a normal cover four drop, which we can easily take advantage of because they have way too many deep blues on the field and it's just going to leave the middle of the field wide open. And so many things are going to be open on this. We have the two wheel routes on the right side, we have our point wide receiver here on a crosser going from right to left.

    And then of course we have a backside drag as well in case nothing else is open. We're going to look for the crosser here and as you guys can see, it gets wide open down the sideline, a super easy play that again, doesn't require any hot routes. We can quick snap it and it does a great job against Match Defense. Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed my recommendations for playbooks. Let me know in the comments below what offense you're planning on running in Madden 24. I'm super excited to hear it. And with that being said, I'll see you guys. Next video Fellows. Peace.

What's the best offense team in Madden 24?

Madden 24 regularly reshuffles player and team ratings to mirror current NFL standings accurately when it launched. And now that the NFL season and the Super Bowl have concluded, it’s time to take a look at where everyone stands.

Overall ratings provide a rundown of a team’s overall strengths and indicate where exactly they stand among everyone else on the gridiron.

With that in mind, here are the very best teams in Madden 24, and a rundown of who has the top offenses and defenses on the field.

The best Overall in Madden 24


Believe it or not, the Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs are not in the top — nor in the top three.

The Ravens and NFC champion 49ers both sit in the top spots at a 92 OVR. The Buffalo Bills, who lost in the AFC Divisional Round to the Kansas City Chiefs, are in the third spot.

Kansas City and the Lions, who rose to 89 OVR, round out the top five.

From there, four playoff teams make up spots 5-9, in Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, and Cleveland.

The Packers and Texans are both at 84 OVR.

The best defenses in Madden 24

Let’s take a look at the best defenses in Madden 24:


The 49ers’ defense, led by Fred Warner, played a massive role in San Francisco’s road to the NFC Championship. Thus, it’s not a shock to see the 49ers in the top spot.

The rest of the top five is littered with AFC teams, as the Ravens, Steelers, Chiefs, and Dolphins round it out.

Other notable teams in the top ten include a stout Cowboys D led by DaRon Bland and DeMarcus Lawrence, and Sauce Gardner’s New York Jets.

The best offenses in Madden 24

Here’s a look at the best offensive teams in Madden 24, as decided by EA Sports:


To not much shock, the Chiefs are in the top spot with a 93 OVR-rated offense. Kansas City has two players in the 99 Club in QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce, both of whom are also the highest-rated at their respective positions.

The Cowboys and Bills round out the top three. Other notable teams in the top 10 include a dynamic Dolphins offense led by Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa, and C.J. Stroud’s Houston Texans.

Is there Franchise Mode on Madden 24?

One of the most requested franchise features is back and coming to Madden NFL 24 with the return of Training Camp to Franchise mode.

Franchise Mode has six central features: Training Camp, Trade Upgrades, Weekly Strategy, Draft Class Settings, and Salary Camp Management.

Why doesn't my Madden 24 have Superstar mode?

Restarting Madden 24 may be the one and only solution. Your account will re-connect with the EA Network, which hopefully means the game mode should work. This also works for people who don't see the Superstar option at all in the main menu.

What is the story mode in Madden 24?

Superstar Mode is Madden 24's official career mode. In it, player's will be able to create their own player and enjoy their journey from the bottom of the league all the way to becoming MVP.

Is Superstar mode only on next gen?

However, it's important to note that Superstar Mode is available only on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. Hence, Xbox One and PS4 users will not be able to enjoy this revamped create-your-avatar story mode.

The journey of Madden NFL 24 Superstar Mode.

The Madden NFL 24 Superstar Mode will give users an experience of a football player's journey from his rookie combine all the way to becoming an NFL superstar.

The path to glory begins as a rookie, entering the NFL draft. You can choose your customized player to be either a quarterback, wideout, running back, linebacker, or cornerback. Interestingly, NFL legend and current University of Colorado Boulder head coach Deion Sanders will serve as your mentor.

Your player will then undergo the NFL Combine procedures that comprise mini-games. The position-specific mini-games include the 40-yard dash, bench press, broad jump and three-cone shuttle.

In a bid to make the game as realistic as possible, individuals will be able to answer interview questions, as they do during the NFL Combine. Your performance rankings and test answers will, in turn, influence your draft position.

Once your player turns pro, you'll be able to see the world through the eyes of an NFL player, reflecting the actual superstar mode of the game. Along with the ability to unlock endorsements and create customized on-field celebrations, social media platforms will react to your performances.

Naturally, if you play well, you will get a higher grade which then allows you to accumulate more XP. But with the rewards in store, it's safe to say that the sky is the limit.

Superstar Mode is back in Madden NFL 24 and it has become the talk among football fans. The user-created game mode allows fans to access some additional exciting features.

However, it's important to note that Superstar Mode is available only on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. Hence, Xbox One and PS4 users will not be able to enjoy this revamped create-your-avatar story mode.

Moreover, Superstar Mode is an online-only mode which means that you'll have to be connected to the internet in order to access the features.

Madden 24 overall ratings list with the top 50 players.

  • Summary

The Madden 24 overall ratings list has been released, revealing the top 50 players in the game. Justin Jefferson is the second-best player overall, while Aaron Donald takes the top spot.

  • Highlights 🏈 Justin Jefferson is the second-best player in Madden 24 overall ratings. 🎮 Aaron Donald is the best player in Madden 24 overall ratings.

  • Other Notable Players

    1. Aaron Donald (RE, LA Rams) - 99
    2. Justin Jefferson (WR, Minnesota) - 99
    3. Patrick Mahomes (QB, Kansas City) - 99
    4. Travis Kelce (TE, Kansas City) - 99
    5. Zack Martin (RG, Dallas) - 99
    6. Lane Johnson (RT, Philadelphia) - 98
    7. Myles Garrett (RE, Cleveland) - 98
    8. Nick Bosa (RE, San Francisco) - 98
    9. Trent Williams (LT, San Francisco) - 98
    10. Tyreek Hill (WR, Miami) - 98
    11. Davante Adams (WR, Las Vegas) - 97
    12. Jalen Ramsey (CB, Miami) - 97
    13. Micah Parsons (RE, Dallas) - 97
    14. Nick Chubb (HB, Cleveland) - 97
    15. Chris Jones (DT, Kansas City) - 96
    16. Christian McCaffrey (HB, San Francisco) - 96
    17. Cooper Kupp (WR, LA Rams) - 96
    18. Fred Warner (MLB, San Francisco) - 96
    19. George Kittle (TE, San Francisco) - 96
    20. Stefon Diggs (WR, Buffalo) - 96
    21. Derwin James Jr (SS, LA Chargers) - 95
    22. Jaire Alexander (CB, Green Bay) - 95
    23. Joe Burrow (QB, Cincinnati) - 95
    24. Josh Jacobs (HB, Las Vegas) - 95
    25. Laremy Tunsil (LT, Houston) - 95
    26. Mark Andrews (TE, Baltimore) - 95
    27. Derrick Henry (HB, Tennessee) - 94
    28. Dexter Lawrence II (DT, New York Giants) - 94
    29. Ja'Marr Chase (WR, Cincinnati) - 94
    30. Josh Allen (QB, Buffalo) - 94
    31. Maxx Crosby (LOLB, Las Vegas) - 94
    32. Patrick Surtain II (CB, Denver) - 94
    33. TJ Watt (LOLB, Pittsburgh) - 94
    34. Von Miller (RE, Buffalo) - 94
    35. Cameron Heyward (RE, Pittsburgh) - 93
    36. Chris Lindstrom (RG, Atlanta) - 93
    37. DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Tennessee) - 93
    38. Marlon Humphrey (CB, Baltimore) - 93
    39. Minkah Fitzpatrick (FS, Pittsburgh) - 93
    40. Quinnen Williams (DT, NY Jets) - 93
    41. Saqoun Barkley (HB, NY Giants) - 93
    42. Sauce Gardner (CB, NY Jets) - 93
    43. Andrew Thomas (LT, NY Giants) - 92
    44. Darrius Slay Jr (CB, Philadelphia) - 93
    45. Jason Kelce (C, Philadelphia) - 93
    46. Joel Bitonio (LG, Cleveland) - 92
    47. Jonathan Allen (DT, Washington) - 92
    48. Justin Simmons (FS, Denver) - 92
    49. Kevin Byard (FS, Tennessee) - 92
    50. Quenton Nelson (LG, Indianapolis) - 92

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